Finland's Consumer Protection Act. Prices of products include VAT 24%. We reserve the right to change prices and payment terms. Service pricing follows the current consumer price range. Prices may vary annually according to the current cost structure, so check the current price according to the time of the service, even if you charge one year in advance, for example.


Type and time of delivery

Products are delivered by post. The price of products includes post and delivery costs 5.50 euro. The products are mainly delivered by correspondence directly home. Large products, such as shoes and cake pies, are delivered as a postal package, with deliveries to be picked up personally. Orders for more than fifty euros without postage! The value of the transaction must be more than fifty euros in order to make this offer available if the products are returned and the amount of the transaction is thus less than fifty euros, the postal costs are added.For product exchanges and non-redeemable parcels, we charge the customer all actual postal costs.

We don't deliver in advance.

Most of our products are ready to be delivered immediately. Date of delivery of products in storage Please note that our stock situation is changing rapidly so if you absolutely want a product you should order it quickly before it runs out. It may no longer be possible to select this model.

The delivery time of the products is around 14-day. The longer delivery period is indicated for the product. We recommend payment of deliveries by Finnish Network Fees Service or Klarna invoice. In order to pay by wire, we hope to send a receipt by e-mail (

It is good to note, however, that we are not responsible for delays, such as in postal delivery.

Wedding and party dresses may have longer delivery times, about three-thirteen weeks. In order to better serve our customers we also keep a small stock of wedding dresses. However, it is impossible to store all colours and sizes, so if the wedding dress is not in stock, we will order it from the manufacturer, normally around three to four weeks. If the suit is not in the manufacturer's warehouse, it will be commissioned and the delivery time will be approximately thirteen weeks. Sizes, fitting times and delivery times of wedding and festive costumes can be requested from our customer service 050 4420626 or, our customer service always serves! If for some reason you can't reach us, please leave a call, we'll respond within the day.


Postal and delivery costs 5,50 EUR

Orders for more than fifty euros without postage! The value of the transaction must be more than fifty euros in order to make this offer available if the products are returned and the amount of the transaction is thus less than fifty euros, the postal costs are added.For product exchanges and non-redeemable parcels, we charge the customer all actual postal costs.



We also offer our customers the opportunity to retrieve products directly from our warehouse. Our online shop operates in conjunction with our home, so a suitable extraction time must always be arranged beforehand. If you have selected fetch to be delivered, please contact us for an appropriate time:


  • e-mail:
  • telephone: 050 4420626
  • Address: Great salmon street 2, 08100 Salmon, Tree Anttila/Six-Hall


The products and their postal charges are paid upon order. The following payment methods may be used for online transactions: Nordea, Cooperative Bank, Sampo, Tapiola, Aktia, Noah, Local Capital Banks, Savings Banks, Handelsbanken, SPankki, Aalandsbanken, credit cards, collector invoicing and sub-payment service, daily online payment and Paypal.

The online bank, credit card payments and collector payment service are paid through the Paytrail Oyj website.

Payments with Visa, Visa Electro or MasterCard

If you want to pay with Visa, Visa Electro or MasterCard cards, Ninka Oy is only a distributor of products and services and also supplies the products to the buyer. Paytrail Ltd is responsible for complaints.

Paytrail Oyj is the seller of the product for payments under Visa, Visa Electro or MasterCard and the transaction is established between the customer and Paytrail Oyj. The seller is responsible for all trade-related obligations. Paytrail Oyj is also the beneficiary of the payment.

Paytrail Oyj, y-ID 2122839-7
Innovative 2
Slut catchment 7
40100 Solid Sky
Telephone: 0207 181830


Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7) in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. For the user, the service functions just as traditional online payment does.



Collector operates the invoicing and sub-payment service.


We offer the possibility of paying by invoice or instalment in cooperation with Collector, which is the Collector Credit AB invoicing service. Please pay at most 1000.


When you choose Collector Invoice/Contribution to be paid, you will get the products ordered into your home before paying them. You can pay it all at once or divide it into smaller amounts.


The invoice is due on the last day of the month following the order, which may give you up to six days interest-free. A 2,95 euro invoice fee is added.


When you choose to pay by invoice or instalment, you can only order at your regular address and you must have completed twenty years with the order.


On receipt of the invoice, you can choose the 24-month instalment by paying the minimum amount indicated. The interest rate is one,6% per month, corresponding to the annualised interest rate 19,20%. Payment of the instalment shall also charge 2,95 euro per month.


We'll do a credit check on request. For late payments and unpaid invoices, a 5-euro reminder fee and a 1,6% monthly interest rate are charged for a delayed period.


You will receive full terms of Collector Invoice/Contribution from:


Detailed service description available

General terms and conditions for invoices and credits

Standard European Consumer Credit Terms



Why the Everyday?


Everyday network payment -45 days of totally free payment

Everyday is a completely risk-free payment instrument. You'll get the product into your home before you pay for it. When using Everyday, on average you will get 45-day, completely free time to buy.

With Everyday's network fee, you can already pay 5000 at the online store. You can pay your purchase completely free at the end of the following month or take advantage of the instalment option.

When using the Everyday online payment, you will also receive an Everyday flexibility loan, which will immediately offer you a 1000-credit limit, without a fixed annual fee or other hidden costs. It's completely free and you only pay for the use of credit. You can borrow any amount you want to your account or use it to buy online. Check out Everyday Flexibility. M

Consumer benefits:

  • Buying Everyday online is completely risk-free.
    You'll get the product into your home before you pay for it.
  • Average 45-day free payment period.
    Purchases made this month will be invoiced at the end of next month.
  • The charge is completely free to the customer.
    If the purchase is paid in full by maturity, the APRC is 0%.

Paying is really easy.

  1. Select Everyday as payment option
  2. Identify by URBAN
  3. Accept payment

Payment by instalment

If you want to pay by instalment, there is a minimum The balance remaining open after the minimum reduction shall be reduced to 10%of the following month.


How does PayPal mediation work? Make sure you have a secure Internet connection to PayPal (address starts with https). Open a PayPal account (sign up for an account). Opening an account is free of charge and there is no charge for maintaining it. To open an account, you need an email address that also acts as login. Please indicate your own official and operational address as all contacts will be made at this address. You can change the address later in the account maintenance. Please indicate your credit card number, name and address at the time of opening. Check your credit card (verify account). This procedure ensures that the card is truly yours and that you are the one who notified the card to PayPal. At this point, your card will be charged approximately two euro payment, which you will receive back once you have completed your credit card certification. Check your credit card. In a few days, your credit card statement will show PayPal's charge. The debit is accompanied by a four-digit member number to verify your complete account verification. Two-euro payment returned to your PayPal account. You do not need to transfer money to your account at this stage.

Take good care of the username and password associated with your account as they are key to using your account. As a general rule, this information should be kept as carefully as the bank card identification number.

Involve PayPal online for payment. When you pay your purchases, If you have no money in your account, PayPal will charge your credit card. You pay your purchases with your normal Finnish credit card. The seller must not know your credit card number and only receive payment from PayPal. Buying is safe because your credit card information is only in one place, even if you buy from several different stores.

Right of return and exchange


If the product is not suitable, of course you can return it. The product to be returned must be unused. Our priority is to replace the product accordingly. The client pays the request's postage.

Our products have 14-day trading and refund rights. Excessive refunds of this period shall not be accepted. The date of receipt does not include withdrawal. NOTE! Please contact our customer service before returning ( Unnotified returns shall not be processed. Ninka Incorporated does not have a customer-refund agreement with the post. Return must be sent at the cheapest rate(Category 2):

Ninka Ltd

Injection rate 8

08700 ANIMAL

  • Note: Unaccounted for is not the same as returning the product.For all unreported consignments, we charge refund costs 20 euroThe fee shall be equal to the actual cost of return, dispatch, handling and packaging. If you want to cancel the order after it has been sent, you must retrieve the package from your post office and send it back to us.

Pack the return carefully so it is not damaged by mail. You can use the same bubble wrap or box where you have received the product. Attach to the consignment your account number for refund. Alternatively, you can email the account number to our customer service and store the receipt and/or package card for return. If the refund is lost in the postal transport, the customer can apply only for a receipt. We don't collect unpaid return orders. The customer is responsible for refunds.

Measuring products are custom-made for the customer and are therefore not subject to refund. These include: custom-made custom costumes and custom-coloured products and custom-made custom jewellery. The product to be returned must always be in its original packaging, intact and marketable. There is no right of return if the product has been treated in such a way that it is no longer marketable. Please note that we don't accept dirty shoes or costumes in fittings. Protect the floor e.g. on the sheet during fitting and use lacquers to avoid makeup stains. Also, for hygienic reasons, it is not recommended to apply haircuts without protective plastic.

For sanitary reasons, earrings, underwear and sock products cannot be returned. This also applies to earrings accompanying jewellery sets.

If you're unsure about choosing a haircut, we'd be happy to consult when you send us a picture of your dress and haircut. The products can also be inspected at our office on the Lohja schedule, where several pieces of jewellery are also displayed.

NOTE! Orders for measuring works are binding, i.e. the order cannot be cancelled or returned when the product is manufactured according to the dimensions. If, however, you change your mind about the desired outcome, you can change the scale.

Comments on product errors/ Complaints

Check our quality control, but there may be occasional defects in the product. If you notice a defect in our product, please contact our customer service immediately and always before putting it into service ( Do not send the product back before contacting us. All products shall be checked before delivery to the customer and shall also be returned in the condition in which they were sent. Our main aim is to replace a defective product with a new one, but if no new or similar product is available, we will refund the money within fourteen days of receiving the complaint.



Ninka Limited is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of products contrary to the instructions. Our product is for adults. You can remove small parts from jewelry, so they're not suitable for children. The product must never be administered to a child under three years of age at choking risk.

Sterling silver 925, like other silver products, may darken when used and stored if impurities remain in the necklace. Always store the jewellery carefully so that it does not come into contact with other metals. Jewellery should be stored in their own box and cleaned with a silver cleansing cloth or other silver cleaning machines periodically. Always wear the jewelry last and take it first. Make sure no hairspray or perfume gets into the beads. This way they stay shiny longer.

The gold and rose-plated jewelry is rodinated. If the rodination wears off, it is possible that the gold will wear off. Many factors contribute to this. skin ph value. It is very case-by-case how the racization process passes or remains. Following the above instructions, you will improve the durability of jewellery.


Since jewellery is unique, small differences may occur in individuals.The colour of the article may vary slightly, or the beads may have a nuance and size differences. Also, based on the material available at each time, there may be differences in jewellery. No one else has your necklace. It's unique.


Trade and bonus gifts


If commercial or bonus gifts include trading conditions, e.g. the order is automatically sent with the order upon fulfilment of the conditions. If all or some of the products are recovered and the conditions of trade are therefore not met, the commercial gifts and bonus gifts must be returned or, alternatively, charged to the customer.If you order more than one product, some of which return and finalthe sum of purchases falls below the delivery-free limit (30-eur), the delivery costs (4,50-eur) are added;total.

Data protection/personal


We only use client personal information to manage client relationships. Under no circumstances do we disclose client's personal information to outsiders.

Force Majure.


Ninka Oy is exempted from the obligations arising from non-compliance with these conditions in the event of a situation of force majeure, such as fire, flood, sabotage or a major adverse accident or labour market conflict.


Legal Notice,


These conditions of use apply to the Ninka Oy website and and sites are protected by copyright law and in accordance with an international agreement. The reproduction and further publication of images and other material on the pages shall be prohibited without the permission of the manufacturer. Ninka Oy may modify or block pages at its discretion. Ninka Oy is not responsible for other websites or information available through links on its website.