The main delivery method is the postal mail. The delivery time for products in stock is 1-4 days.
We also offer our customers the opportunity to pick up the products directly from our shop block. Please note that the pickup must always be arranged in advance.  
Please read below for detailed descriptions of delivery methods.



Delivery of products is done by mail. The price of the products is increased by postal and shipping costs 5.50 euros. The products are mainly delivered as letter mail directly to the home. Large products, such as shoes and cake decorations, are delivered as a postal package, so the deliveries must be picked up from the post itself. Orders over 50 euros without shipping!

We do not deliver products on a postal advance.

Most of our products are immediately ready for delivery. The delivery time for products in stock is 1-3 days. Please note that our inventory situation is changing rapidly so if you absolutely want someone to product you should order it quickly before you run out. This model may no longer be eligible for selection.

The delivery time for delivery sales products is about 14 business days. The product has a longer delivery time. We recommend paying for delivery sales products with Suomen Verkkomaksut service or Klarna invoice. When paying by wire transfer, we hope to send a receipt copy by email ( So we can stay in the promised delivery time.

It is worth noting, however, that the delays that are not attributable to us may come from, for example, postal deliveries.

In wedding and party dresses, the delivery time may be longer, about 3-13 weeks. In order to better serve our customers we keep a small warehouse also for the wedding dresses. However, it is impossible to store all colors and sizes, so if the wedding dress is not in our warehouse, we will order from its manufacturer, so that the delivery time is normally about 3-4 Vkoa. If the suit is not in the manufacturer's warehouse, it is then delivered and the delivery time is approximately 13 Vkoa. Wedding and party dresses, fitting and delivery times you can enquire about our customer service 050 4420626 or, our customer service always serves! If for some reason you don't happen to reach us, please leave a callback request and we will reply within a day.

Ninka Movement Block: 

We also offer our customers the opportunity to pick up the products themselves without any shipping costs from Ninka Studio. Ninka Studio is under contract with the Lohja Suurlohjankatu 1 Lohja, the entrance from the central square side.

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Phone Number: 050 4420626