The Nordic Fire Collection combines rosoalism, romanism and northern nature in a new, spectacular and fresh way. This collection is for all the brave souls who believe in their dreams. Everyone has their own means of expression. We encourage every woman to be yourself and create your own trends.

Everyone is unique.

Unleash your creativity by combining Nordic Light and Fire series jewelry and use them in a variety of ways. Several jewellery bands are also suitable as a necklace, bracelet or suit. All hair jewellery is designed to fit a wide variety of hairstyles!

All jewellery is a domestic craftsmanship and design. The Nordic Fire series has a key Flag® mark.

Photos, hairstyles and Makeup by Nina Röntynen/Ninka Photography

Timeless Jewellery Design from Finland

10 tuotetta Löytyi Nordic Fire Collection

Minea - Pinnipari kristallista, hopea tai kulta
  • €60.00
Iida - kullansävyinen korukampa
  • €50.00


Nordic Fire-White
  • €32.00


Anita - hiuskoru kukista ja kristalleista
  • €79.50
Ilona - korukampa kristalleista ja helmestä
  • €69.90
Iida - Korunauha kukista ja kristallista
  • €69.90
Nordic Fire as Kaarina
  • €119.00
Nordic Fire - Linnea jewellery pins or comb
  • Hinta alkaen €129.00
Nordic Fire-Hair jewellery Loviisa
  • €129.90
Nordic Fire-neck/Hair Necklace Leya
  • €229.00