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Unique to you, the designed and lovingly handcrafted native Ninka Design Jewel is your gorgeous style finisher.

I prepare jewelry custom made according to your wishes. Inspiration can be inspired by one of the jewellery models I have previously prepared or a photo collage assembled from several jewellery. The jewel can be designed to fit into a particular suit or hairstyle, or it can be adapted to the feast theme colors. With respect to other designers, I do not make copies of other jewellery models, so your wish may not be exactly the same as someone already made of jewellery. Unique Ninka design Koru represents something new and something personal, just designed for you. The same is not the same for anyone else. I'm doing some ordering work based on the templates I've already designed and there's always some little trick on how they differ from the previous one. I also have ready-made Design templates that are available to order with longer delivery times if they happen to be out of the web shop. 

When the photo collage and wishes are mapped, the necessary measurements and material selections are made. At this stage, we already know how to assess the final price for the basket. Ninka Design Unique prices start at 129,-and the most valuable jewellery I have planned at this time is 390,-I do not want to have to pay for the hair ornament-your dream of malt, but I also do not want to do substandard work with cheap and bad materials. I use material such as fine-quality freshwater beads, Swarovski crystal and recycled material wherever possible.

After that, there will be a material fee which is usually around 30-50% of the price of the jewelry. After this payment, the manufacture of the jewellery can begin. After the completion of the jewellery, you will get a picture of it, or you can come to fit Ninka Design Studio to Lohja. Sometimes I also send the operation pictures if I need to ask for more detailed information.

If you do not reach the atonement, you will have a 14-day exchange right to any other product. This is not commonly used for bespoke jobs but we want to make sure you are satisfied with your ears. It is therefore perfectly safe to order a custom jewellery online Ninka.fiOnline store. 

If you want your design to be implemented or you want to start designing a stunning unique style with me, please contact nina.rontynen@ninka.fi 

Delivery times for custom-made jewellery are 1-2 weeks and summer season rush during 3-4 weeks.

Designing something unique and gorgeous together!