Payment Methods


Ninki online is available in all of the most common forms of payment. The Finns online banking and credit card payments are treated Paytrail through the service.

The second option is PayPal method of payment. You can use it to pay for shopping with a credit card or PayPal, using your account.

Read from the more detailed descriptions of the different payment and shipping methods.


When you want to pay about, using a credit card, collector, a decrease in flexibility in the fall or flexibility partial payment hardcopies Paytrail payments. The method of payment will be chosen by clicking on the eve of the picture of a kind of link to the choice of payment page.


Charges of Visa, a smart or MasterCard cards:

If you want to pay for Visa, a smart or MasterCard cards, ninki Ltd operates only products and services in addition, the marketer and supply the products of the buyer. Customer complaints is the equivalent of Paytrail plc.

Paytrail PLC operates Visa, MasterCard or Visa smart cards - can be done in the payments product seller and the trade is born the customer and Paytrail PLC, the other. The seller will be responsible for all trade obligations. Paytrail PLC is also the beneficiary.

Paytrail PLC

Business ID: 2122839 7

Innova 2 lutakko square 7 40100 Jyväskylä

Puhelin: 0207 181830

Online banking:

The the bank to pay for the network payment of brokerage services abx-ww Paytrail PLC (2122839 7) finländarnas in cooperation with the banks and credit institutions. For the consumer service works exactly traditional payment ways.

The flexibility of the fall and flexibility hire purchase:

 Buy our products can be easily and safely the flexibility of a fall or flexibility of the body. Domestic service offers flexibility method of payment. You get the flexibility of a fall in 14 days of this period (billing payment of 4,9 euros) and flexibility of the body of the Max. 12 months of this period (billing payment of 4,9 euros and monthly rate of 2,42 per cent). Why are you buying dream product already today and choose the shopping cart payments flexibility. For more information

The bill collector and hire purchase: 

Click online shopping, which offers a Collector in the fall / hire purchase service, and put your preferred products purchase basket move checkout, click the mode of delivery and payments hardcopies Collector Bill / hire purchase. Fullfil contact. The product will be sent home. The bill will take place either, with the product as a separate post or by electronic mail. In other words, through bills is up to 60 days interest-free payment terms. You can pay the full amount of time or share it with its smaller parts. The lowest pay that amount has been marked down. For more information visit www.collector it.



If you want to pay your account, using PayPal payments hardcopies PayPal. The method of payment will be chosen by clicking on the eve of the picture of a kind of link to the choice of payment page.

How PayPal the fee mediation works?
Make sure that you have protected the internet connection to PayPal (address begins with https). Opens up a PayPal account (sign up for an account). The opening of an account is free of charge, nor any of its maintenance will be charged. The opening of an account you need for e-mail address, which also operates inside the symbol of the enrollment. Fvcs e-mail address their own official and an address, because all communications is treated at the address. You can address himself later switch to an account maintenance. Fvcs your credit card number and your name and address in the context of the opening of the account. Make sure your credit card (a verify account). This measure will ensure that the card is truly yours, and that is what you're announced card PayPal. At this stage of your card will be charged a fee of around 2 euros, which you get back to when you may have your credit card certification to the end. Check your credit card event. A few days of your credit card statement of account is reflected in charge of PayPal. Subscriptions have been mentioned in connection with the four-digit card number to ensure your credit card PayPal service (complete account verification). 2-euro payment will be returned to the PayPal to your account. You do not need to transfer money to your account, even at this stage.

Take care of your account of the user ID and the password, well, because they are the keys to your account to use. The general rule is that these data should be to maintain the same care as the figure debit cards.

PayPal payments under the online. Paying your shopping, to charge the end-seller PayPal your account. If your account does not have the money, PayPal, in turn, to charge your credit card. You pay your shopping in the end of the normal with Finnish credit card bills. End-seller does not know your credit card numbers and not only PayPal payment. The purchase is safe, because your credit card information are just one place, although would you buy from several different stores.