Timeless Jewellery design from Finland. Nordic Light is a collection of Ninka jewellery designed for trendy brides for a variety of styles and hairstyles.

Everyone is unique.

This collection is inspired by the unique and magnificent light of the Nordic region, the nightless summer nights and bluish glittery frosts and misty blunts. The collection consists of jewellery that fit a variety of hairstyle and use. By treating the beads correctly, your ears will take time and preserve their care. All the jewellery in this collection is made with a handicraft design method in Finland, in our own studio in Lohja. All Nordic Light products are the key Flag® branded products. 

Timeless Nordic Light-Jewellery Design from Finland.

16 tuotetta Löytyi Nordic Light Collection

Glittery Zirconiat Jewellery set
  • Hinta alkaen €46.00
Nordic Light from Inari rose
  • Hinta alkaen €49.90
Nordic Light-Suvi, jewelry comb from Keshihelas
  • €119.00
Nordic Light Earrings Iris
  • €49.90
Nordic Light chip, hairline
  • €159.90
Selena Tiarapanta from crystals and flowers
  • €134.50
Nordic Light Mist, pearl collar from freshwater beads
  • €149.90
Nordic Light - Vanessa jewelry comb in pearl and crystal
  • €99.50
Syreeni-Hair necklace from beads
  • €139.90
Nordic Light-pretty, hairring collar made of pearls and Crystal
  • €249.00
Nordic Light-beam, showy hair necklace
  • €230.00
Nordic Light-Sointu, hair necklace/necklace
  • Hinta alkaen €108.90
Nordic Light - Blue, Freshwater pearl hair decoration
  • €199.50
Nordic Light Haircut Ireland
  • €129.95
Nordic Light - Bracelet in Ireland
  • €74.95
Nordic Light-Hair/Necklace Iris
  • €119.90