Here you will find all of our fabulous hairstyles. Here you will find Finnish Ninka Design Unique Jewelry as well as some foreign high quality designs. You can find these factory made large crystal jewelry only at Ninka. In addition, we have a representation of Athena's classic beautiful and delicate hair ornaments and jewelry.

If you do not find it you can also inquire about making or ordering jewelry at juhla@ninka.fi

130 tuotetta Löytyi hair Accessories

Nordic Light-pretty, hairring collar made of pearls and Crystal
  • €249.00
Nordic Light-beam, showy hair necklace
  • €230.00
Gorgeous bead Collar
  • €230.00
Forget-me-not - hair jewelry collar
  • €199.90
Nordic Light - Blue, Freshwater pearl hair decoration
  • €199.50
Nelly-Hair necklace with amazing beads and crystals
  • €198.00


  • €189.90
Cecilia-Hair Necklace bead Flowers
  • €189.90
Lotta - Bead Wreath
  • €189.00
Gorgeous bead ribbon for hair
  • €185.90


Adele Hair Jewelry in Blue with Vintage Crystals and Hand Painted Flowers
  • €159.90
Nordic Light chip, hairline
  • €159.90
Michaela hair scrap of crystal and keshihelm.
  • €159.90
Alicia hair band from freshwater beads
  • €159.00
Berry-pearl necklace with gorgeous beads
  • €149.90
Eva-Unique hair ornaments from bead flowers
  • €149.90
Nordic Light Mist, pearl collar from freshwater beads
  • €149.90
Arya opal Color Unique Jewel
  • Hinta alkaen €149.90