A gorgeous hairstyle is crowns with handmade and lovingly designed hair ornaments. I have the best materials in my jewellery: freshwater beads, crystals, and a few to name a few. I use new and renew my old. Some of the materials have vintage materials for which hunting I have used a lot of time. The jewellery is designed to fit the hairstyle so that they are comfortable to wear and light. I'll do all my jewellery in my section for nickel tests. Ninka Jewelry are key Ticket® products which is a sign of domestic and high quality.

103 tuotetta Löytyi Domestic Ninka Jewelry

Forget-me-not - hair jewelry collar
  • €199.90
  • €139.00
Emily - pearl and crystal comb
  • €139.90
Rose - Collar of pink pearls
  • €129.90
  • €89.90
Cecilia-Hair Necklace bead Flowers
  • €189.90
Siri haircut
  • €109.00
Lotta - Bead Wreath
  • €189.00
Iris hair band from flowers and crystals
  • €98.90
Sarianna copper flower - decorative hair ornaments
  • €98.90
Signe Silk floral Lace
  • €109.95
Eerin-silk flowers with silver or gold ornaments
  • €109.00
Elisa Bracelet with pearls and crystal
  • €74.00
Michaela hair scrap of crystal and keshihelm.
  • €159.90
Matilda gold-coloured hairline
  • €95.90
Eva-Unique hair ornaments from bead flowers
  • €149.90
Dora-small jewel with comb crystals
  • €55.90
Mary-Jewellery comb bead flowers and copper leaves
  • €79.90