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Welcome to Ninka! Our message is a joyful lifestyle and a happy being. We get joy from small daily things, but we also enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere of the great celebration. The most important is the presence, emotion and wonderful memories. We want to share this feeling with our flowers, products and services. Thank you for participating in < 3

Ninka Design is a registered trademark of Ninka®. I manufacture high-quality jewellery from freshwater pearls, glass and crystal. Aesthetics, quality and practicality are important and, in designing our jewellery, I will implement every jewelry individually and finalized. 90% of our jewellery is produced in Finland by Lohja, with the exception of the jewellery model. Domestic jewellery you recognize the key Flag® mark. The key flag images are updated to the root trade, i.e. for all domestic products it is not yet found. 

My personal design is a starting point for me and I'm planning my jewellery model myself. Please do not copy my models. I also strive to use recycled materials in my jewellery and renew my old new. 

I also implement hairstyles, makeup and photography with professionalism. Check out my works and their style www.ninkavalokuvaus.com. If you like them, please do not hesitate to contact us so let's see what a wonderful ensemble can be obtained just for you. 

Reach Me best via email juhla@ninka.fior number 050 4420626

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