Ninka's story

Hello! I am Nina, lohja kind of two little boy's mother, a jewelry designer and photographer. The name of my company and my jewelry line comes from my maiden name, Nina Kaarre. Somehow it has survived as a name to me and nowadays Nina is often also referred to as Nink.

When I was young, supermodels were really big celebrities. We often play supermodels in our games. I remember being a photographer and styling my friends at a very young age. However, it was a coincidence that photography became my job and my great passion for adulthood. In photography, I have finally been able to take advantage of the sensitivity was a bit of a burden which used to be the commercial sector. In photography, I am fascinated by authenticity and the magic of the moment.

Another of my favorite hobbies was drawing. I drew princesses on paper and colored the details with my mother's eye shadow. I remember the first eye shadow palette I bought from Anttila. In it, the beautiful colors formed the butterfly and it was my greatest treasure. The details were always important. I also loved animals, especially horses, and they were for most of my life until they reached adulthood.

At first I was studying the commercial field but it didn't feel like my own but I wanted to create something with my hands. I graduated as a make-up artist in '97 and a hairdresser in 2000. I worked for several years in the cosmetics industry and had less to do on the hands. I felt I couldn't get ahead and I was missing something. Crafts have always played an important role in my family. When I was little, my mom made one of each other's gorgeous knit shirts, decorated with glittering appliqués. They were really beautiful. I believe they subconsciously inspire me more than anything else. I believe and hope that the joy of making crafts will also pass on to my own children.

Originally I also became fascinated with jewelery and especially hair jewelery through the festive hairstyles I did. I started importing glittering party jewelry in 2011. Once upon a time, one piece of jewelry arrived completely broken. I swirled its fragments around for a moment, miserably when I hesitated to throw them in the trash. Suddenly the pieces began to fall into place. Something completely new was born. I started working on product development that led to the creation of the Ninka ® jewelry brand. Ninka Design is born of love for all beautiful and the joy of creating it. Everyone is unique!

I hope my love and passion for my work is reflected in my product. My style is delicate and feminine. The most important thing for me in my job is quality and customer satisfaction. I make every piece of my jewelry with care and love as if it were mine. I do every hairstyle and makeup as finely as I can. Every person I photograph is important to me and I always strive for the best. I hope my work will be a joy and a long time to you.

You can also find small items of foreign treasures in my online store. Some of our pearl earring designs come from a Chinese bead manufacturer. We make some of the pearl earrings ourselves. At the moment, all hairpieces are of domestic production.

2017 Ninka Design Jewelry was awarded the Key Flag® as a sign of domestic work.

Thank you to all my wonderful customers! I can't stress enough how important you are to me.

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