Vuoden 2017 uudet tuulet

New winds of the year 2017

And happy-wear years 2017. Is this the best year ever?! :)

What's new going to happen Ninka.fiAnd Festive jewelry.En online store in 2017?!

At least new wonderful products will gradually come at a steady pace all the time. I don't publish the actual new collection, but every jewel is unique his. The graduation of the hair jewellery can not really rush.. They require a certain kind of inspiration and concentration to make the jewel get the right shape. In particular, the reasoning behind the jewellery is tricky, and often I do a separate "jewellery closing day" and I make that focus on more songs at the same time. 

I am often asked where I get my inspiration from my ears. Anytime! Often how hairstyles, costumes, materials and personality. I do not browse domestic or foreign competitors because I try my best to process my own ideas, and I do not copy ready-made ideas. I think the most fun is to look for new materials, because nothing is more inspiring than learning a new material, when in a way you can see its finished jewellery in it and then start thinking about how it could be implemented:)

New winds will be firstly now in the form of websites! www. Ninka. Studiobrings together the photographic services and the customer Gallery I offer. This year I have already been able to take wonderful descriptions, thank you for that wonderful customers!

Oh yes... And then I have been asking a lot of courses! It's a thought that's just getting better... But, if you are interested in jewellery, hairstyles or makeup course. Contact me

Party (at) 





Ps. Next weekend is the Love me do fairs Helsinki cable. We are there:)