Trendit ja ohjeet pikkujoulumeikkiin

Trends and guidelines for Christmas makeup

As a foreign author, makeup artist Marja Nikkola explains the Christmas makeup and trends:

The Christmas party is allowed to be detached, but it can also be done more easily, depending on what kind of opportunity you are going for and what your style generally is. Are you tyyliltäsi a natural or classic, modern or completely free Experimer? What color do you put on your shoulder? If you are not accustomed to makeup artist, can more restrained makeupook be more confident. For example, smoky eyes, made in different shades of brown or gray, combined with a berry-tinted lip is relatively easy to implement and at the same time timeless, always a fashionable option for Christmas party. The shades of copper and bronze have also recently shimmering in the festive makeup.

Christmas Makeup

If you use dark or medium shades of eyeshadow, I recommend that you always start making a make-up of the eyes and start the foundation of makeup only when your eye makeup is ready. This is because there is often a lot of pigmentation in the eyeshadow, which easily rubs under the eyes. When you're not yet putting on the whole face, you can safely wipe the toe of the eyeshadow from your cheque with a makeup cleaning cloth or cotton swabs, and you don't have to add a cosmetic lotion again to the points you've just wiped to make it.


Photo by Jani Miikkulainen

Here's my guide to making easy smoky eyes makeup:

1) First, apply eye makeup Primer cream to your eyelid. Apply a loose powder on top of it with either a brush or a puuterivip. Now the priming of the eye make-up is ready, it will make your makeup last longer. As a rule, I add a neutral-coloured, pale matte color on top of this, because the dark eyeshadow shade is more beautiful.

2) Next, apply the dark or medium eyeshadow shade with a narrow brush for the whole moving creature. The color should be the most dark right at the lash line. You can add a darker shade to it. Apply a dark color with a narrow brush to your subsites just below the lower lashes.

3) Take a thick, fade-out brush and area to fade the dark color upwards. The purpose is to get the darker and lighter shade beneath you to blend beautifully together.

4) Crop the top and bottom black with a pencil pen so that no gaps remain, but the cropping circles around the whole eye. With the lower eyelid, the crop comes right inside the mascara boundary, "the water limit". Then, fade your crop to the eyeshadow so that the result is haful. The more carefully you fade, the better the result.

5) Bend the lashes and add the mascara to the upper and lower lashes, as well as the false eyelashes or the false eyelashes. You can still spray on top of the make-up spray to enhance durability.


Christmas makeupdress Instructions

At the moment, the trend is strobing, that is, to bring up the highest points of the face, such as cheekbones, the nasal arm and jaw, highlighting products that can be powdery or creamy, matte or peanut. The shades you use for the Christmas party would be unraunted, the celebration can be brought to the whole with good accent products. At the same time, they create triangular faces. In particular, it is also good for an adult woman to remember the magic of the facial features of the blush. In the case of a party, the shade can be brighter than the Arkena, or you can change the Arkena with an alternative to the pearl of the matte blush you use.

If you are already more accustomed and/or experimiring makeup, Glittereye makeup can be your thing. What's your little Christmas better than a good sparkle? Recently, the glitter has been the surface and has been put on the lips, cheekbones and other facial skin. Too much, however, or is it? It you decide you! For the entire comet you can add the look of the false eyelashes or just a few irtoripsitupsun in the outer corner of the eyes. I myself have used to attach Duo glue, which is available from most well-stocked cosmetic departments. Book enough time to put your false eyelashes if you haven't tried them before.

Keep in mind that the glitter powder needs to always be a liquid product – I have used, among other things, Inglog's Duraline gel, which I mix with my desired glitterpowder on top of the makeup palette. It makes the product durable and easy to disseminate. Without such a product, the glitter easily will only be a buzz in every place. You can also spread the Duo glue on the eyelid and apply it on top of it with a glitter powder brush. Here's a couple of shots of my glitter makeup, which I got the idea of from Rae Morris's book Makeup – The Ultimate guide. The name of the makeup is Cleopatra eyes.

I started eye makeup by gently spreading the Duo eyelash glue to the whole area I wanted the glitter to come from. I used both black and slightly purple glitter, finally I added a white glitter between the corners and the mole to bring three-dimensional. I removed the excess, from the desired area to the varisseen glitter according to the instruction of the skin adhesive tape – excellent tip by the way! The model of the images had relatively recent volume lashes, so I didn't put him at all false eyelashes. On top of the makeup base, I gently spread the loose powder, which I had mixed with a bit of silver-coloured glitter to give the skin a glittery. I finally put a little glitter on the shoulders and décolate.

Have you already tried timeless smoky eyes or glittermakeup?


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