Tervetuloa uusi vuosikymmen!

Welcome to the new decade!

A wonderful New Year for you! Hopefully the new decade has begun nicely. This year's gear was somewhat pushed, as the studio's migration was just that. It was somehow purifying to get the migration ready and the old business mode blank. The new era means focusing on the things I feel most relevant to myself. Family, photography and jewellery design. The future year is dedicated to photography and jewellery design. For those things I love and for which I do not rush to abandon. Eventually the truck started but grows and grows... Huh! The ice is brighter than the extra Sälä. Wonderful smile again more. These changes and new winds were already mentioned last year in my Photography Blog.

Ninka uniikijewelry Domestic Design Jewelry

Last summer was wonderful and pretty horrible. The best experience missed the amazing wedding photography and other descriptions and really all the great customer encounters. A few of them did not yearns for the expensive studio space in the center of Lohja, but the trend has more and more of the atmosphere and the customer's hope for the place. So it was easy to take the doors of almost the whole summer studio to make decisions about the business space. Annoyed it for a moment. However, the emotion was done.

The new studio in the Turipetter is specifically for photography and Stailaus, and a place where I can meet my wonderful clients on the description and jewellery issues. The Turter is more secluded, but the place where I experience that I can offer my customers more. At the same time, we manage the descriptions in the studio and in the atmosphere, just a small go. 

Ninka Jewelry Domestic Design Wedding Jewelry

The Studio starts out in a creeping turkey, but this early spring is the time of the wedding fair! Wonderful when the new energy and enthusiasm flows all over the future. Wedding Season 2020 Welcome! Is this the anniversary of yours? What kind of celebrations are coming? What things have you experienced challenging in organizing weddings or celebrations? I really love to discuss these and all the other things!

I can come to meet Wanha Port to get married at Fairs 11-12.1. and Love me do fairs 18-19.1. Helsinki Cable Factory. In addition to the Lohja in Laurentius Hall 9.2. Held Gem Fairs where weddings, celebrations, gifts in the department we are involved. So see you, hopefully at fairs!

Nina Rönninka

Happy New Year < 3