Nordic Light - inspiraationa valo

Nordic Light-inspired light

The most accurate ones have already spotted the new banners Nordic Light and Nordic Fire Collection. I have not yet had a chance to put this collection story in any way, but let this be the first bull of the new Finnish jewellery series:)

Northern Light, northern Fire and northern spring were adventurers in the name of my ears as early as 2014. At the time, however, I did not set up a collection thinking and the naming of things seemed like a stranger. I was inspired. I didn't have the lyrics. When I now design jewellery for the seventh year, I always find myself inspired by certain things. With photographing, the sources of inspiration have become more tangible. They will be more widely exploited and rewritten. 

So the 2018 Nordic Light was born again. Nordic Light Collection brings together our most popular and most impressive products. When you want something absolutely fantastic and unique, check out This! Everyone is unique.

The first descriptions of the jewellery collection were held on a grey autumn day. But what a wonderful nature of the Northern light then it is! The light is smooth, distasteful, it reflects beautifully shimmering surfaces such as beads and crystals. The colorful leaves of autumn bring warmth and tone to the light. Morning and evening Usvat add to the secret and mood.

Nature is beautiful.


What is Nordic Light jewellery? It is a shimmering, discreet, elegant, timeless and valuable materials made from domestic handcrafted. It has a key Ticket® and satisfaction guarantee. 

What's your favorite series of jewellery? I'd love to hear your feedback and desires about my ears:)


Thanks to Suvi Salonen, Iiris Kankkunen and Hanna Talsi when you helped me bring the pictures and styles of this first collection into reality < 3


Nina Ninka

All photos Ninka Photography, model Iris Kankkunen, hairstyles and Makeup Name, Costume rust Design/Hanna Talsi