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Hairstyles with a Skilluri and Lux Group The owner Maryanne Lavastre explains the design work and the description of the haircuts:
Hairstyles for promotional images are built according to the spirit of time, picking up the boho effect on the surface now and adding a hint of a more classic grip. Hairstyles on the basis of jewellery and costumes, just like in my real work as a hairdresser, I'm seeking inspiration from the whole look to get a complete look. Hairstyle is the whole look of the crown. It makes really great things to do, and even a small section transfer plays a big role in figuring out the emphasis on the best sides of the face. 
Casual neck-weighted petites and semi-open curly crank is currently what is most requested. The Letti can also be almost every one, and I do not think that this trend will give way for a long time. Lets can make the hairstyle more girly and more relaxed, and use the world-renowned hairstyles guru Patrick Cameris in his creations almost without exception. 
The pictures have been used by Finnish jewellery manufacturer Ninkan Jewellery, this year's 10-year qualifying Zazabellan Wedding Dresses and Flower shop Broncon Flowers. Portraying Figuely In Finland. Makeup and hair Maryanne Lux Group. Products Sebastian Professional And Wella Professional. Models Serina Anton (Fashion team) and Jenni Laitila.