Miten Ninka Nordic Light - korukokoelma sai alkunsa

How the Ninka Nordic Light jewelry collection began

In 2017, a collection was born which was described in Salmon Calcutta. This was preceded by 2014 Nordic jewelry series, which included Northern Spring, Northern Fire, Northern Brown and Northern Light. The design of an entire collection of jewellery was still very much in the pipeline at the time, but gradually the idea of what I want my collection to look like as a whole began to emerge. Each necklace is, in a way, unique, because you can't find two exactly the same. The series covers mainly haircuts but also some models of earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The strong inspiration of all my work is light, so my jewelry series is inspired by it.

Today we also supply jewelry abroad. So the jewelry set was renamed 2017 Nordic Light Jewellery. The series must include Nordic Light, Nordic Fire and Nordic Spring collections. All the jewellery in the series is designed, manufactured or assembled in Finland.

Nordic Light is the first in my series North. In this collection of jewelry, I have assembled the finest designs over the years and my new series of Irish jewelry made from magnificent pearls.



I'm working on jewelry for the future Nordic Light Jewellery! I am pleased to report that the new series will make greater use of recycled materials <3 A new collection will be published in January 2020! Stay tuned.




Pictures Ninka Photography

Model Iiris Kankkunen

Dress Rust Design

Hair and makeup Studio Suvi Salonen