Naisellista, herkkää ja boheemia - TuuliKaisla

Feminine, delicate and bohemian - TuuliKaisla

In the early autumn we made costumes for three young Finnish costume designers. In this blog I will present in a few words pictures of all the costumes I have photographed. They were amazing! Each of the three designers has their own great personal style. TuuliKaislan  the costumes are wonderfully feminine, delicate and bohemian. Beautiful vintage lace combined with boho trim.

The wind tells us the femininity and sensitivity of the costume design. A little bohemian and vintage in spirit. "I do a lot of feeling. Whenever I feel like this, it can change a lot, for example, according to the season. Sustainability is one key word. I always try to use recyclable materials whenever possible. so the costumes are not wasted, they can be used in some other costume.

Here's a look at the first costume that was a lovely mint green short tulle dream. There is nothing I can do about it, but I get a bit of a Midsummer image even though the shooting was September! Ninka's unique freshwater pearl comb, model Josefiina,  pearl earrings  and Athena pearl bracelet. The lovely Inez was the model! Makeup and Hair by Nea Viitamaa. I think this whole thing was really great!

More costumes from photos coming later :) All photosNinka photographyninkaphotographyninkaphotographyNinka photographyNinka PhotographyNinka Photography