Love me do - häätapahtuma 18-19.1.20

Love me do wedding event 18-19.1.20

Rustic, pastel and natural materials. This could sum up last weekend's Love me Do Mass Awards for the year-20 domestic wedding trends. Not much change in wedding trends is yet apparent from this mass exhibition. The use of materials was perhaps more abundant and daring than in previous years.


Wedding flowers

Wedding flowers

In addition to softer tones, darker and more modern shades were seen, which I think is a very welcome addition to the wedding fashion. These nuances emerged among others. Wedding bouquets, colorful outfits and shoes. A little bit of bling and drama in style is wonderfully mysterious and seductive!

Here's a little snapshot of the fairs!


Wedding flowers are an important part of anniversary.Wedding bouquet brideevictionCovering weddingwedding coatingsGold, from the rose family and antiques, copper and orange shades were popular. I myself am very attracted to this use of dried materials. These dried ornaments give a wonderful contrast with the flowers. We sold more gold-coloured jewelry than ever and it looks like the rose has finally entered the wedding fashion as strongly as it has been abroad for a long time.

I thought the cover of To You was the most wonderful and trendy. It was a nice combination of materials contrasts and soft earthy tones and a super-trendy shade of burnt orange. And those rustic plates. Love! <

Covering the wedding decorations and flowers

trendy wedding coverage


I used to drool on the White Countess's lovely dresses more than once! You should look at this selection. The charming movement is in Porvoo.

Wedding dress trends Lillian west White CountessWedding dress 2020

Wedding gown pizza gown wedding

Wedding comb competition 2020 Love me do

Hairdressing Competition Wedding 2020

Wedding haircut 2020 Wedding haircut rentals

A nice addition was a wedding haircut contest that also saw haircuts! Would this suggest that the most trendy wedding haircut of the 2020-year is still loose with larger neck-pillow but spectacular details? The air in the hair should be such that it looks effortless and wonderfully relaxed. However, it takes a great deal of skill and technology to do this kind of hairstyle so that it also lasts all day. The wedding haircut combines both beauty and durability requirements and has to match the wearer's style and hairstyle. Wonderful work was seen in haircut 2020!

In wedding dress trends, Bohemians and glittery costumes compete for attention with smooth and pearly dresses, and the question is, what kind of bride are you? What do you love?



Maybe the freshest wedding bouquet of the day.

Did you go? What was your favorite exhibit?

Wedding flowers