Korukammat rennon boheemiin kampaukseen

Jewellery combs for a relaxed bohemian hairstyle

Gold and rose gold rolled in jewellery fashion alongside silver jewellery! In this post, I introduce a few new Ninka Design jewelry designs that are specially suited for casual and bohemian hairstyles. Jewellery works as is, or can be combined with natural flowers or green leaves. A gorgeous hair ornament is not disposable but you can use it later at a party, and even if you always have a wedding day! Ninka Design Jewelry is designed to withstand our time, or a wonderful gift even for your daughter, the memory of the mother's wedding... I think the idea is a romantic and apprecitive gesture. 

The first two image hairstyles are Auli Tuomala's handwriting. He works in Porvoo in the welfare centre of Louis. Modeled wonderful Maia Koo, photo Ninka Photography, costume white Countess, flowers hairstyle Mea Flora

Boheemit hairstyles are wonderfully relaxed and mobile! They are flaming in the wind and landing on the face, and a little miserably. These hairstyles and jewellery look as if they were just by chance settled in their perfect shape, although actually doing this hairstyle or jewellery requires a lot of time and professionalism!

Increasingly, we see wedding campings where the hair is open. I get a lot of questions about what types of hair ornaments fit into these hairstyles. Can e.g. jewellery compos be used? Yes you can! The fastening of the jewellery comb can be supported by combing surfaces. Hairstyles for hairpins come to the comb Crosswat allowing the jewel to remain immobile in its hard going. This way, hair jewellery can also be used in short and semi-long tuka.

Here is ISA socket for expansion's siblings! The edge, the biggest jewel of these has already left his new home, the wedding of wonderfully Johanna.

This lovely Rina jewel comb with gold copper tone in Vy Daon hair 


The comb is attached to hairstyles with hairpins in which case it remains well in the slippery Asian hair. Just as well this jewel comb would also happen to the Nuttura.

Hair Necklace Comb


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Colorful Autumn!

Terthan Nina