Kesän juhlakampaukset - by Auli Tuomala

Summer hairstyles - by Auli Tuomala

Summer! What a wonderful excuse to organize a party! Whether it is graduations, studios, banquets, weddings, birthdays or anything but the theme of the party, many want to invest in their party log as a whole. It is not enough to have outfits and accessories thought over the last one, but to invest in makeup and hair too.

 festive hairstyle

When thinking about Yo celebrities and other graduating parties, the hero of the day often has to contemplate the functionality of hairstyles with the law.

In the last few years, different pigtail curls have kept up, allowing the cap to fit effortlessly in the head, but the hairstyle must be spectacular without the cap.


This year, if you want to stand out and try something else, we recommend a loose braiding set, for example, so you don't have to bundle your hair, but it's still neat, festive and works with and without the cap. You can also add lighter hairstyles to this hairstyle for added visibility and celebration.

festive hairstyle



 festive hairstyle

The other option would be more classic, though this is also a neck braid, but the clearer lines bring a whole different set of styling to the hairstyle. The hairstyle can be either perfectly smooth, or if you want a little "that thing", you can bring the surface to life by varying sections, for example, with a cross-over layout or a light surface with waves.

For this hairstyle you will get extra spice with hair or flowers, but here I would combine clearer and more subtle jewelry or flowers.

Makeup for a young graduate or high school student is often light and fresh, highlighting the best of the face, though if you want to bring out your personality more, you may not be looking at more intense and colorful eye or lip makeup today. Especially when it comes to early summer festivities, when nature is at its brightest, colorful makeup is perfect for parties. You can also get inspiration for your makeup from the color scheme of your outfit!


The author is Auli Tuomala, the makeup artist and hairdresser. He works Wellbeing Center Louise in Porvoo