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Festive-glittery earrings

These glittery zirconia earrings are one of the most popular products in our jewellery collection. And no wonder! They are lightweight, beautiful, durable and suitable for many occasions. 
This first is an earring of models with the most simppels of two Zirconia droplet Combination. Elegant and classic design that goes to almost in any style. This is also available on request in gold, rose gold and black shades.
Wonderful also for winter weddings!
Wedding JewelryPhoto Atte Tanner Photography, Muah Nina Röntynen/Ninka, jewellery Ninka, model Matilda
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Photo Ninka Photography, model Maia Koo, flowers Penttala Floral Design, Mua Sin. Kid. Makeup Jewelry Ninka.fiThis Model 
The glittery jewellery suit the bohemian look to give the final touch and bring a whole hint of bling and luxury!
The earrings are also suitable for delicate as they are earring parts are 925 silver, nickel-free and metal parts are rodinated.
 Photo Maria Peltomaa, model Ida, Muah Nina Röntynen, jewellery Ninka.fiThis Model
The jewellery comes in beautiful boxes and it is also good to store them in those or other jewellery boxes where they stay without knocting other jewellery. A good rule of thumb in all the jewellery is that they should only be put on after the spraying of the hair varntle and perfume. This is the case. The surface of the pearl remains the best, and the breed of jewellery metals is not cost.
Our glittery jewellery has been seen at the Castle party and above the magnificent Miss Suomen Michaela and the position of Tango Queen Aino Niemi. And a variety of gorgeous brides and celebrations to celebrate! This is the Model Travel to Miss Universum until races!
If you do not find our pre-made models suitable, you can contact us if we can prepare you fit! The earrings are designed and assembled in our own jewelry store.
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