Juhlavuosi 2018 - Kiitos!

Jubilee Year 2018-Thank you!

Thank you to all my wonderful, gorgeous and hearthearted clients and Collaborers since 2018 < 3

The year was AWESOME! I don't even have enough to thank all of my experiences with the wonderful stories I got to be involved with. Thank you for all the great people I encountered, as well as all the pictures, jewellery and ideas to which it was inspired.

However, two things I would like to raise here before I fully concentrate on this year and on new adventures!

In June, we made a wonderful team in the October Wedding magazine editorial Fashion section "Dancing with Roses". Photographer Act Atte Tanner Photography. A description of the harvest can be admired on the 02/2018 magazine pages. It's a wedding with a 25-year anniversary number, the Reading pack is an all-time-gorgeous! If you have already reached the end of your own newspaper score, the magazine is available as an image Wedding and available for purchase from the fair. As a vibrator, this future Love Me Do -Event at Helsinki Cable 19-20.1. Come there! We are also:)

 Wedding Fashion EditorialWedding Fashion Weddings Journal Media


The largest stage 2018 was the opening of its own movement to the block!

Is it a robust:) Something you can think about for years and then suddenly all the pieces fall into place and begin to happen. Last year I suffered from an identity crisis whether I am a photographer, a producer, or a hairdresser/makeup designer, a jewellery planner. At one point I was already completely stopping the hairstyle, but I decided that I would still like to maintain it even in small quantities. I said and that I can have all these things, and I do not need to compartment myself in any way. Of course, at the same time everything! And not my to to be "something for everyone", but to be as comprehensive and good a package as possible for my services!

Thus, 1.12. Ninka Studio was born at Suurlohjankatu 1, the main square. There is a small hairdressing room, a small photographic studio, and a shop for my jewellery that also works for editing and preparing pictures in my office. Warmly welcome! Customer satisfaction is a matter of heart for me!

Ninka Studio

 Photographic artist Lohja Ninka StudioNinka Studio Valokuvaamo Lohja

Ninka Studio Wedding Jewelry

Ninka Studio Kampaamo Lohja

Be able to see what year 2019 will bring:) Happy New Year!