Ilmatar - korsettimuotoilua ja pukuompelua Suomesta

Aeronautic corset and suture sewing from Finland

Ninka photography description of the wedding dress description

 The past summer and autumn has also been tremendously rewarding for the photography side. I've been able to do amazing amazing projects with very talented people. One of these photographs of work was Aeronautics, Corset and Couture Description of the last week of August just as summer was about to turn to autumn.

Catherine Tuttaise is a brave young boutique who founded her own motion in the spring of 2017 for the Mannerheimation of Helsinki. Katariina designs and manufactures magnificent corsets, corset suits, a measuring order for the wedding dress and the dress-up. 

From the line I described, the young woman certainly did not let herself go easy, but loved challenges and new innovations. In the suits there was a lot of boohemian punk style, vintage combined with modern design as well as feminine lines. The model was wonderfully versatile and designed for different women's bodies. The katherine corset collection has just been awarded by Design from Finland. Good luck, Katherine! 

Ninka photography suit description advertising description

Incphotography description description of the dress description

Eve in Paradise? The lovely Sole Peanut in the apple orchard:) Sole's head is decorating the elastic hair necklace of the Ninka! You know, the things that keep going on and on the team. Models, Sole and Suvi's makeup and hairstyles match Jaro Pajunen.

Ninka photography description advertising description

Ninka photography

Mallina of the Kankare.  The beam carried out a wonderful vintage hairstyle and makeup!

Ninka photography

 This corset is so lovely under your wedding dress or the top of your wedding dress. Katherine can tell you the best way and shape of corset to a dream! 

Ninka photography

Ninka Birdcage veil And other jewellery and hair decorations were included in the description! 

Model Suvi Stenfors

Ninka photography

See more Wedding On the article I wrote on the magazine's website on Katharina's work and inspiration From here.


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It was the Peanut Memi, the park of the lime peter, and the Karwomen's rags in the salmon.