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Decorative hair ornaments from the internet


The picture Ninki Photography, model Reetta brochure / model point, the flowers Penttala floralia Design


This can now sounds a bit of advertisement but very often I come across the next question and I decided the situation to open our trade politics a little bit.)

Decorative hair ornaments, dare I ordered online shop? How can only be ordered on the basis of a picture of not knowing whether de-sugaring jewellery just me?

Ninki online ordering hair jewelery is easy, quick and safe. We strive to ensure that you get a lot of good information about your necklace before ordering. That is why we are investing in high-quality product images, as well as product information as a description of material information. We are also opportunities to communicate in advance, according to how long is the jewel of delivery. Usually it is 1 to 3 days to order. The course of the post, however, we will not be able to influence, but we have been very lucky and we have orders drowned en route to the one exception.

The vast majority of the jewellery is a product image, but also a picture of where the jewellery is hairstyle. This will make it easier to grasp the scale, because if there is a very great haircut, too small jewellery might seem, well, too small!

Suurinosa jewellery is light. Or, in fact, all currently. What we are trying to do. There is a nice jewellery used and then those a little uncomfortable. We get them comfortable. However, there is a different hair quality who could make it difficult for the abolition of the jewelry styling. Especially if your hair is easily knot down feather, for naturally or fluffy, it is important that you stick to your hair when to remove the pieces of jewelery. Otherwise, pull out of the jewelry the so that hair rising around it and you have to remove hair jewelry around individually or in small parts in order to get the jewelry irti styling. However, this rarely have a problem but is now too.


The picture Ninki PhotographyMatilda, Model / model point

Jewellery has exchange - and the right of return. This is not the case of earrings or other hygiene products countable products. Decorative hair ornaments does not count hygienituotteeksi, according to consumer protection. So you can experiment with jewellery safely after receiving it. The product should be refunded, however, any sales condition and so do bend pieces of jewelery or destroy its packaging if decided to return the jewelry or to change. I can tell you this that we the return of the proset used is extremely small. Decorative hair ornaments is safe to order online shop.

The right of return, however, does not apply to bespoke work. At that stage when made to measure made jewellery has arrived in its owner, has already been replaced a number of emails materials, fit, style, etc. It will take hours, according to the wishes of graduated and jewellery is not necessarily a commercial and sold for the next very quickly. We recognise mittatilauskoruillemmekin in exchange for the right, however, that is, you can change it any other collection finished on a necklace if were to happen so that completed a jewellery after arriving on would be something quite different than we imagined. We do not want to force anyone to buy. We want to see that you get a complete jewelry sub-models're complete satisfaction. Because you are important to us 3 <

And there is also in that any a measure of order pieces of jewelery has never been replaced so also a measure of order jewelry has ordered safe ninki.)

We are not a copy of the other designers models so you can be sure that unique jewelry is unique in every way, uniikki and you planned. I often, however, inspiration pictures of the finished jewellery so that I will be able to perceive what the customer should be. Today, their own images already have that much of that often I would like to choose their jouko models to their liking. On the basis of these images, it is easy to go to the debate forward planning the itinerary. The design can be a brave, a professional designer to cultivate the idea of useful. Surely it would be wonderful, just for you designed and love manufactured decorative hair ornaments.)


Sunny start to spring!