"Vielä hetki rakkauteen"

"One more moment of love"

"Do you already have a feeling of bubbling excitement that goes all the way to your fingertips when you dress for a big party with those closest to you? Look great in your wedding dress, more beautiful than ever!" 

In these wonderful atmosphere we are piloted by wedding magazine 01/2019 where I did the editorial shoots of wedding fashion together with a great team. Styling Sari over-Salomäki, hairstyles and makeup with Marja Nikkola, Cutrin products. Model Pihla Koivuniemi, Modelpoint models, nails Tiia Pelkonen, Puotilan Studio, flowers florist Opuntia, set in Your Day Design studio. Pictures Ninka Photography.


Two-piece wedding dress studio Aria, earrings All is two. Diamond rings Kohinoor diamond jewelry. Wooden swallow earrings Mama jewelry.

Ninka Photography wedding magazineeditorial fashion photographyNinka photography fashion editorial

fashion scientific ninka photographyfashion scientific ninka

Luxurious pantsuit costume designer Mert from the forehead, silver earrings Starflower Efva Attling, bracelet and ring jewelry rental.


Ninka Photography Pihla's hair was styled with Cutri products by Marja Nikkola. The hairstyles sought luxurious carelessness and transformative qualities. The long hair was turned into a polka using a handy hide-out technique. Also use the tip for everyday hair.


Ninka PhotographyGorgeous diamond rings Sandberg diamond jewelry


Ninka PhotographyKohinoor diamond jewelry, designer Sami box


Ninka Fashion EditorCostume Katri Niskanen, necklaces Saari Korpi Design, diamond rings Sandberg diamond jewelry.


Ninka Photography


Here are some photos from the magazine's pages and a little bit from the outside :) 

The magazine will be available for a short time, as far as I can remember, until the end of April. Go get yours and see more information www.haat.fi


With love