Kuvauspäivä metsässä

Description of the day in the woods

These days on Sunday, September headed with Matilda in the first new studio and then the lovely in the forest. The weather was a mixed picture, there was a sunny and there was cool, cloudy. However, we had all the time the good vibes and I believe that it sends out these images. The forest, we found interesting points where valo seemed as if the insult, airily, shadows was just a little bit and valo filtered beautiful softly. I was very pleased with the outcome and I got more jewelry described in a beautiful soft natural light.


Finally, I wanted to take a picture of who my mood was not happy but is part of

colour as on list images of the series which I will show in its entirety at a later date)

The haircut, makeup & The images © Nina Röntynen/Ninka

Model Matilda/Modelpoint

Revelations Bridal dress

Jewellery ninki