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Fantasy description-Flower arch and wreath

Fantasy description ninka photography

In my last blog, I told Emmi and Saana about my descriptions of Boudoir. Here's one of the seines we've been shooting. Actually, the first one, because we started out of this fantasy film, it took most of the preparation.

The goal was to create the most fabulous fantasy description of the environment in a small studio by using a flower arch and a flower of flowers.

In the photo-reading process, I added a lot of grains of gratin to get more vintage atmosphere in the pictures. I wanted to keep a hint of a cold, a little purple-based because I think it was the best way to support the story. Here are a few prepared images of the description:

Fantasy description

Fantasy description of Ninka Studio

Fantasy boudoir description of the photographer Salmon

Fantasy Description of Salmon

Before we got to this point, I spent a few Friday afternoon feeding my creativity and preparing descriptions ...

The materials required for this description were found in the fb axe and the future rental products of Ninka online. All props and accessories for Ninka Studio are also available for rent. Except for my camera I don't rent. It has grown to me:)

I got a lovely bag of fake flowers from last summer's fiancee that I left to build an addle to our rental product. The decorations were on the other side of the arches. In order to better shape a constructive shape, it is good to take a few steps backwards for consideration. You don't see the shape you're born with or the way the flowers settle in front of each other. It was important for the arch to create an abundant impression of the flowers, even though I actually only used part of the casks. Some of the flowers were spray-painted with lime paint. This gave the flowers (pions) an even sweeter touch of frogness. 

Somist rentalRenting of spossessionsRenting of spossessionsA flower of flowers on the setI also made a description of the surplus peonies and other fake flowers that had been turned into a fantasy headgear. Although the stuff came surprisingly much it was still reasonably light. I mean, I don't know if Emmi felt the same way ... but if the photo shoot had been in the milieu instead of the studio, it would have been good to have a silk ribbon, like a silk ribbon, which would have easily waved in the wreath. 

But before the shoot could begin, there was one more important step ... namely the painting of the lists! Now Ninka Studio will be ready. Yay! 

P.s. The studio is also rented for an hour and a day rental if you need a location in the locality of Salmon < 3

Ninka Studio Salmon Chopper

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Model & Muah Emmi Leaving

Assistant Saana Liquor