Boudoir kuvaus Ninka Studiolla

Boudoir description at Ninka Studio

Jes! There is a need to take time for your own projects and test descriptions that can experiment with new stuff and boundaries. Today was the day when I got to test the studio's natural light in the boudoir theme together with more. Enlightened the help I received from my internship as an all-perched girl, I was rayed to work this Sunday. Points of diligence. Week ago, free;) 

I like the most natural light but I'd love to use a reflector with it. When properly used, the reflector can be in the luminer even better than a flash tool. However, this requires light-hard reading and quick reaction to situations, because the nature of the light can change rapidly. 

Another which was an interesting testing target was the background. I have painted the walls of this studio with raunted and devotion. At some point I thought it would never be finished, but now so far we will go with this. It's pretty nice about it then came and just suitably contrast to my own shooting style. 

I asked Emma to make a description of the natural make-up and bohemian curls, and to take a large wool shirt. Boudoir description do not always have to be underwear. Sexiness is attitude, shapes, lines and angles. 

In this description, another set inspired by the classic strong but soft style. 

Boudoir Description LohjaNinka Photography tomorrow's gift description photo by LohjaPhotographic artist Lohja Boudoir Description


Boudoir Description Lohja Photographic Art

Ninka Photography

Boudoir Description Lohja Tomorrow gift description Ninka Studio

Boudoir Description Lohja Ninka Photography

Ninka Photography tomorrow's Gift description

Ninka Photography Boudoir Description

Ninka Photography

Ninka Photography Boudoir Description tomorrow's Gift

Could boudoir's description therefore be more than revealing the surface and white sheets? I think yes. I like the most figureous description and my liking I use it also in boudoir picture.

We also made another fantasy style set, but it was only later;)

A wonderful week!




Model Emmi Lähteilä

Lighting Assistant Saana Liukko


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