Yhtenäinen tyyli sulhaselle ja morsiamelle

Uniform style for groom and bride

As a guest writer for fashion design student Stina Henriksson:

It is said that couples who have been dating for a long time are beginning to resemble each other - whether they agree or not - wedding day is the day when it is worthwhile to dress in uniform.

It is worth thinking about dressing in the same way as other wedding decorations - you do not have to cover everything from the same theme, but you can create the uniform style as subtly as you want.


The wedding celebrates the beginning of the common sky, and what better way to express this than decorating the groom's and the bride's costumes.

Unity is created with the most thoughtful details. Of course, a modern couple can choose costumes of similar material. In traditional weddings with a stricter dress code, details and accessories can create a unified style

Small highlights of the theme color are suitable for many

A handkerchief is a simple way to bring a wedding theme color to your groom's costume. For example, the bride's wedding bouquet may repeat the same tone. An elegant and thoughtful look is to add a satin ribbon in the color of the groom's pocket wrap around the wedding bouquet.

The bridal shoes usually remain hidden under the dress, but they can also be used as a fun addition to the wedding theme color.

If your groom's dress is decorated with a floral lace, you should choose the same flowers, or at least the same color, for the bridal bouquet. Unity is created with the most thoughtful details.


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Common materials

Unless you want to combine colors with full hue, materials are a great way to create unity. If the bride's suit is silk, it is worth choosing the groom's silk tie.

When wedding is used trendy tuxedos, velvet can act as a unifying material. Especially in winter weddings, the velvet knot with the groom and the velvet details in the bride's dress or, for example, in an outdoor scarf or outerwear, look quite luxurious.

A one-color tie is preferred at weddings, but a modern groom can also wear a patterned tie. If you want to invest in the most thoughtful details, you can repeat the same pattern as the bride's veil lace pattern.


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Let the personality appear in the dress of both

Everybody wants their own wedding look. If you do not want to specify the exact dress code for your wedding, both groom and bride dresses can be spiced with personal details. A good way to do this is to draw inspiration from common interests. With a few carefully considered details, you can highlight the couple's common interests while making the wedding outfit completely unique.

If both sides of the wedding couple love nature, this can be seen, for example, in the groom's flower arrangement and bridal jewelry.

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Even the materials of your accessories are worth paying attention to. Especially the metal parts in the accessories are easy and important to match; if the bride is wearing a golden hairstyle, check that the groom's cufflinks and / or, for example, any metal attachment on the flower lace are also golden.

The nautical theme is easy to breathe with proper cufflinks and, for example, bead details on the bride. This way you can also combine the theme of dress with the wedding setting itself

The details can also be inspired by a shared musical taste, a favorite book or a common hobby. Of course, you can create a broader theme around these weddings, but if you want to keep your wedding relatively classic, accessories and details are a great way to add personality.

Unity also for dressing up the bestman and the bridesmaid

The same tips that can be used in dressing up a wedding couple can also be applied to dressing up the bestman and the bridesmaid. Of course, these also serve as a way to differentiate between groom's and bestman's styles - for example, when everyone dresses in gowns, groom's outfits can be a bit more spectacular than bestman's.

Many choose dresses of the same color for all bridesmaids, but when the wedding is more casual, the bridesmaids can also have different costumes, which can then be spiced up with uniforms and similar outfits.

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Be sure to save all your thoughtful, consistent details in your wedding photos as they add an atmospheric list to your wedding album.

Stina Henriksson, a fashion design student who writes a fashion and dress blog atstinahenriksson.fi