Valmistaudutaan hääpäivän tyyliin

Prepare for a wedding day style

A bridal look is one of the most important things that many detailed choices are made many weeks and months before the wedding. Larger procurement; After the costume, shoes and accessories, it's time to think about makeup and hairstyles.

Trial hairstyles and test makeup help the bride outline her wedding style and reduce uncertainty about the look of the wedding day. Some service providers include test prints in the price of the wedding service, making it easy for the bride to calculate the budget. Not all hairdressers do actual test prints, but the wedding package includes a consultation visit that goes through the look you want with pictures. However, if you feel that you would like to see the whole thing in more detail, you can order a time for a test print, which is usually in the price list for a party hairstyle or hourly hairstyle.

The test print is not a perfectly finished look, but is done a little faster and with no bottom work to improve durability. If wedding portraits are to be taken on the day of the test print, or if you plan to direct the test prints to, for example, tomorrow's makeup, tell your hairdresser / makeup artist so they can take this into account in the available products and time available for each test print.

How to Prepare for a Hairstyle Trial

It is a good idea to go for a test hair with clean hair that has no styling products. This is the starting point for the hairstyle to be worked on at the wedding.

If you are going to color your hair before the wedding day with a number of different shades than it is now, please do so before the trial. If the staining is the same darkness or small changes, it does not matter even if you only dye after the test print. Within two weeks, there will already be some visible base growth, depending of course on the difference in darkness between your own hair and the dyed hair. Usually a good staining time before the wedding day is about a week.

It's a good idea to browse the inspiration photos on pinterest in advance to find the lines you like. These pictures are also great inspiration for your hairdresser. On the other hand, few hairstyles look exactly the same as in the picture, even if done with the same technique. However, your hairdresser will often ask for an inspiration photo because the photos will show what unites them, such as the texture of the hairstyle, the amount of detail, the shapes and the priorities that appeal to you. Now these desires just need to be tailored to suit you.

Your personal proportions and face shape will determine which hairstyle you should choose. The style of the dress and the neckline and other details are also good information for the hairdresser at the design stage. The color of the hair affects whether the shape or details are more visible in the hairstyle. Millions of small details are superfluous to dark hair, as only the size and shape of the hairstyle can be distinguished further. The thickness and quality of the hair also affects the type of hairstyle you want to do. Various hair accessories and whites give a comfortable shape and size even to slender hair. If you buy supplements online, make sure they are resistant to overheating. Small color differences between the hairpieces and your own hair do not hurt, but bring a lively touch to your hairstyle. Sometimes the quality of inserts and own hair is very different, but after a few washes the inserts are often coarser and easier to work with and the difference is smaller.

Should you decide on a hairstyle first and then get the right accessories?

There are many preferences. It is often easier to think of a suitable hairstyle when the accessories are ready.
The accessories function to complement the desired style and the hairstyle is decided by the facial features and the available
material. Accessories such as hairpieces and veils should be included in the hairstyle so that their location and attachments can be checked at the hairstyle.

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