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Costumes for the wedding

Wedding planning includes many choices, but one of the funniest design themes is certainly the choice of accessories. It is easy for garments to bring personality to wedding dress, and many of the wedding costumes are also suitable for use in other festivities after the wedding day. When thinking about accessories for the wedding day, at least take these into account;

Ties and bow ties

Ties and bow ties may be the most visible accessory to grooming.

Whether you choose a tie or a bow depends largely on the dress and wedding label. Always wear a black tie with a tuxedo. The bow can also be a refreshing addition to a relaxed dress code wedding.


The safest option is to choose a monochrome bow, for example. Anyone who needs a Bohemian atmosphere can choose a recently generalized playful but neat wooden necktie.

It is traditionally customary to choose a silver or champagne tie, but the tone can also be chosen to match the wedding theme. The design can easily make the tie look ordinary, so if you want to choose a printed tie, you should stick to small and discreet printers and choose a tie with high quality material.

Wedding dress-up


And tie-tie-tie-tie-tie-tie-tie-tie-tie-tie-tie-tie-tie-tie-in-time, so I think I'll learn it in time for my big day.


Florist or handkerchief

The florist is a popular groom's outfit at weddings. The flower man is often chosen with the same flowers as the bride's bouquet. If the dress is floral, the handkerchief should not be used, according to the label.

A pin attached to the same spot may also be used instead of a common flowerman, although it may be chosen to match the bride's hairdresses.

If you choose a handkerchief with a suit, you should prefer the same rules as for choosing a tie or bow. However, the handkerchief or tie need not be of the same colour or material as the tie. Flax is a popular material for handkerchiefs and the colour can be picked from the bride's wedding bouquet.


Suit cushions should be worn with either a narrow, discreet belt or straps. If you choose a belt for the wedding, big buckles should be avoided, a monochrome leather belt is often the most stylish choice with suit pants.

wedding dress

If you choose the harnesses for the wedding, traditional weddings are best kept in monochrome black or white harnesses, but at the most relaxed weddings, different-colored harnesses can create interesting contrast. The choice of shoulder models should be considered particularly carefully in the case of a warm summer wedding, where it is likely that the coat will be stripped at some point, exposing the straps.


In the bride's case, the shoes are usually hidden under the skirt of the wedding dress, but in the groom's case, the really visible part. It is worth investing in shoes, because they are on their feet all day, so they play a crucial role for comfort and enjoyment.

In addition, shoes should always be chosen to match the rest of the dress and wedding atmosphere, as too relaxed shoes can make a high-quality ensemble look cheap. The third reason to invest in shoes is that they are easy to use even after the wedding, so even if you invest in them, they usually pay you back on the operating times.

High-end black, carpet-covered shoes are a safe choice for the groom. Brides, on the other hand, often choose lower-heeled shoes themselves for after-the-ceremony parties, provided they have really high interest rates.

Although the shoes are hidden under the dress for the greater part of the time, it is worth considering the effect of the shoes on posture and general appearance.

And since the shoes are always visible from time to time, there is no point in choosing under a light wedding dress at least those of too dark colour or those which make the whole thing casual.


Bride's hairdresses


Hairdressing jewellery is a spectacular addition and a dot on the i i n the bride's wedding dress. You can use anything from a tiny hairpin to a dainty pearl band or a spectacular tiara.

The haircut specifically makes the hair festive and elegant and distinguishes it from everyday style.

When choosing a haircut, you should consider what kind of haircut the necklace matches. In addition, the compatibility of the material, the metal parts of the hairpiece and the beads and jewellery in the jewellery can be tested and considered.



In the old days, the veil was used as a symbol of chastity and was only worn by virginal brides, but now the veil is an accessory like any other wedding dress.

Wolves are found in many different variations and it is worth taking time to choose. The important thing is whether the veil fits the suit. At least consider material and length when selecting the veil. For example, if the veil is lace, you should choose a lace pattern that does not conflict with the dress or other accessories. When considering the length of the veil, pay attention to the details of the wedding dress; for example, elegant back detail is a shame to overshadow. A dainty birdcage veil that only sits around the face and head is a good choice if the wedding dress is otherwise rich or full of details. Longer lace can bring more romance to a simple suit.



The guest writer was Stina Henriksson 22v, Herning Denmark:

I've dreamt of becoming a designer since I was a little girl and finally moved to Denmark a year ago. I'm studying fashion design. Error in UniverseIn a small town called Herning, Central Jutland, with a long tradition of textiles.

Textiles, materials and details are of particular interest to me in clothing design. In wedding dress, I'm attracted to how the wedding wants to invest in quality and create a costume that reflects my dream of a perfect day.

I'm familiar with the groom's wedding style working for a Danish man's accessory. Trendhim And also in my studies, I'm interested in getting to know both men and women's fashions.

As time passes, between school and work projects I also write own blogWorld by fashion student.


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