Morsiamen ja sulhasen tyylin yhdistäminen - part 2

Bride and Groom Style Combination - part 2

Stina Henriksson, who is studying fashion design in Denmark, once again brought us some great dappies to combine the bridal and groom wedding style!

The details to look out for when creating a cohesive style:


At weddings, the focus is usually on the bridal hairstyle, but the groom's hairstyle is also worth considering. The back comb comb gives a very different look to the casual curls. Of course, the most important thing is that both the groom and the bride feel comfortable on their own campus, but there is also a sense of unity; if the bride has a neat and well-groomed bust, it is worth investing in a well-groomed look, while the relaxed open-haired bride gives her groom's style a chance to bohemianize.


Groom and bride style

Unobtrusive connecting factors

Visible connecting factors undoubtedly create a stylish entity for weddings, but you can also add details with invisible meanings to the dress that may not open up to outsiders. Bridal earrings can be reminiscent of the couple's first meeting, or the groom's florist can be replaced by a common holiday resemblance ... each wedding couple will surely have their own unique story, and not every unifying detail needs to be a visible combination.


Weddings usually rely mainly on monochrome surfaces, but the jacket can be used, for example, on a low-print floral necklace or even as a champagne-colored fine print against a white dress background. When choosing prints, it can be considered that the most harmonious entity is created when groom and bridal prints are selected on approximately the same scale. For example, consider the density of chalk strips if they are present in the suit. However, you can also play with these and pick one of the print patterns to add an interesting shade or detail to the other's outfit.


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