Miten pukeutuu häihin sulhanen

How the groom dresses for the wedding

I interviewed Johanna Pohjanmie, whose party clothing store in Porvoo also has a great selection of party clothes for men, Here are some tips for men's party wear.

Traditional evening dresses go hand in hand with a relaxed and peculiar style. I recommend the same practice to brides and grooms, that is, to be the first to mediate!
When you come to try out a possible rental or purchase dress, talk to your future lady about the wedding theme, colors and bridal gown. The venue seems to play a big role in choosing the right costume, but of course, your taste will determine.

The dress is the most traditional groom outfit. It is especially suitable for mansion weddings. It's always black and white, but with a floral pattern, you can bring a wedding theme color. There is never a handkerchief with a flower man.
When the groom has a dress, his entire party can dress the same way, including the couple's parents. Unlike other men, you can then use a bigger flower, top hat, gloves and a cane. Of course, the latter cannot be used in church, but especially when getting in the car and taking photos, they are a great addition. It should also be noted that the jacket should not be stripped at all, but fortunately the vest is completely open at the back. In some cases, a dark suit is a very good option for a party.
The dress is not held, but a small elastic band can hold the jacket flaps together. The shirt has loose pearly buttons.


The shawl is another well-worn long-sleeved dress with softer lines than the jacket. You can change the color of the vest and the knot or plastron according to your wishes. The most traditional color is gray with striped trousers, but shakes are also available in black and shiny or sandy shades. The shoes may be regular suit shoes or something more suited to your style, as there are not as strict etiquette rules as in the dress. The vest also looks great when the jacket is stripped off. Most grooms and bestmans have all the chess pieces, and then the bestman may have more casual colors in the vests and knots. Another favorite option is to dress the bestman in dark suits that combine the same waistcoat and tie or tie. The basic idea is that something binds men's style together. The color of the gowns' dresses can be a unifying factor in choosing the color of the knot. A gray top and a stick can be added to the shack. There is one button on the jacket that should be kept at least during the ceremony and official greetings. There are different plastrons. The shaketti is suitable for the mansion as well as for smaller occasions.

Pictured is the New Men's traditional chessboard.





Light Dumbo Plastron from New Men.
A monochrome knot is often used with a textured vest.


Tuxedo is not traditionally a groom's outfit, but today it is of interest to many grooms. Slim cuts and slim trousers have also come in party suits for a youthful look. The tuxedo is used with a tuxedo vest or tuxedo belt and includes a bow. The most traditional color is black with black sequins, but tuxedos are also available on request in a variety of fabrics, bi-color or white, and the color of the belt and myrrh can be desired. A shoe is considered a shoe with Smok.
The party can also wear tuxedos or, alternatively, dark suits as long as some uniformity is maintained. It can be just the color of the ties or the flower lace.

The picture shows a tuxedo


A few tips:

-Moni's groom first feels weird about wearing a suit, but on the other hand, it's a good thing. Even the bride doesn't wear a white wedding dress every day, so it will make the dress look more special. If a mother has been involved in the Atonement, tears are not always avoided when she sees her son in a gorgeous suit. Every day we get to prove the wonderful fact that a suit makes a man.

-Don't get tired of getting a suit too small, even for a loan. Today's fashion is very narrow, but a well-fitting suit will not pull when the button is closed and there is enough space on the back for hands to move. Straight suit pants also have it, and do not tighten at the calf and snug at the ankle. This does not mean that the trousers must have wide sails.

Author: Johanna Pohjanmies
Johanna Pohjanmies is from Porvoo White Countesssticks. He has known men's suits since he was a graduate student.