Mistä aloittaa hääsuunnittelu?

Where to start wedding planning?

Luck! You have been wetted and it's time to start your wedding planning. Or perhaps the most vengeful still awaits and the idea of a great celebration and all the decisions related to them atrocious you? No worries. I want to help. In this blog, in The future, I will periodically deal with all the issues of wedding and celebration planning, as well as things to consider when The Day is in place. It will become The best day ever!

Summer wedding at the island of Kulo Casino Ninka Photography

Before the wedding anniversary must be made many small and large selections related to the venue, serving, guest list, invitation cards, overnight stays, clothes and accessories, hairstyle, cake... The list seems pretty long, but one at a time.

Let's start at the party time. What is the best time for your celebration? 

Wedding on the island of Kulo Casino Ninka Photography

Summer weddings in Finland have traditionally been a great favorit. However, previous years of traditional midsummer weddings are already more of a rarity than the rule, albeit this trend briefly lifted his head a few years ago. An overnight night's wedding celebration can be really atmospheric and a romantic option Yes!

The summer in Finland is wonderful, but short and unpredictable, so it's pretty good to glance at the options for other time points. Especially if you want to book a specific venue and service provider, you can get these at a much cheaper cost outside the summer season.

Kulosaaren Casino Ninka Photography

The second option will save you the money for a celebration in the rent of a party in a week, for example, on Friday. Just a great option, huh? I myself have been working at weddings every day of the week, including Sunday. The best time for the celebrations depends a lot on what kind of party you want to organise, for example, a small garden party is a very nice option for a Sunday party. Especially if you are not supposed to enjoy a large amount of alcohol at a party, you can also support it at the time of the party. On the other hand, the long-lasting, grubbed and bool-flavored parties are still certainly the best option to organize a la or Fri days!

Kulosaaren Casino Ninka Photography

Spring Wedding < 3 I love! Imagine the wedding potrets in the tree of the flowers of the apple trees, the fresh green of the spring surrounded by your love and the singing of birds under the trees < 3 Yes, this is a good option. Still, no marriage may be afraid to arrange out, or at least I recommend a good back-up plan for making the day windy and cool. Or at least warming the cereals to the festive guests. Whatever the time, the spring wedding is always wonderfully fresh. I think especially the Bohemian style suits the spring wedding.

 Wedding Mustion Castle Ninka Photography

Summer Weddings < 3 summer weekends there is little so please send your Save the Date invitations to your guests as early as possible. In the summer it can be raining in the autumn, so it is good to have a contingency plan for the outward ceremony. On the other hand, the question is the last of the attitude, and I have to say that one of the most amazing weddings in which I have been working, the wedding ceremony was on a very rainy day outside, and it was really atmospheric! And those pictures became sound good.. ;) So, lift the beads if it requires it, replace the caps with the Kumppairs, if you want the outdoor wedding, just keep one! For summer weddings, the speaker is definitely a holiday season in which people's mobility and personal celebrations are more readily possible. So if you happen to have a happy crowd with a summer holiday from work. If not, you can always hire your convenience as a wedding planner!

 Kulosaaren Casino Weddings Ninka Photography

Wedding at the island of Kulo Casino

Autumn Wedding < 3 The nature is wonderfully colorful and the light beautiful, a hint of gray but still warm. Love! (Admittedly, I find myself loving the celebrations of all times..) Early autumn wedding ceremony is a truly romantic and atmospheric option for a summer wedding. Still, mid-September, the green is enough, so if you want the shades of Ruska to photograph, arrange the party only after the end of September. What about the wedding in October or November? During the darkest and most gray times of the year, the wedding is the right boost! You can get beautiful wedding photos in the surroundings, the coniferous trees are always green and the light is beautifully crafted. In the country of thousands of lakes, beautifully shimmering backgrounds are enough... There is therefore no reason why no outdoor pictures could be in the late autumn!

Theatre Toivo Ninka Photography

Winter Wedding < 3 in winter light is beautiful blue and atmospheric. The venue can be decorated with green and light candles. The New Year's wedding culminating in a spectacular fireworks and the atmosphere is magical. Dress according to the weather and the exterior images will succeed. A happy smile brings you to the picture as warmth. Described in short snippet so no nose is enough to get red. The Winter weddings offer wonderful wedding themes! Imagine in your mind even what kind of winter wonderland could be in your wedding.

 Theatre Toivo Ninka Photography wedding

So so... Weddings and celebrations at all times is a very good option or what? But what is your favorite? Or if you celebrated already because you organized a party and how you commented on the time, what was the best just then?




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