Hääbudjetti - iloa vai epätoivoa

Wedding Budget-Joy or despair

Do you dream of a wedding in a castle where the sparkle of the crystals reflects the luxurious festive decorations? Or a wedding in a Tuscan villa, a bohemian lace wedding gown with a bull, a floral decoration filling a festive spot where all the friends and relatives gathered? Perhaps the price tag of your ring wish threatens to bust out your dreams?

Let ́s face it.. Sometimes you need to compromise. However, a well-prepared budget will help you get exactly what you want because you can allocate resources correctly. 

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Most of the budget will usually inevitably go to the service, whether you are doing the food yourself or you will be served with a top-notch grip. 

Part of the budget often swallows the venue's farm rent. You can also choose the venue according to the catering service, which often includes the fare.

Other wedding reception investments include ring, clothing, jewellery and photographer. Invitation cards, (later also thanks to the cards), transfers, overnight stays, decorations and trimmings, and drinks are one of the items. Not forgetting flowers, music and possible program numbers! What about a marriage condition? Honeymoon? Wedding? The night before the wedding?!? Makeup, hairstyles and dress repairs! The list threatens to inevitably grow... Oh, pretty long!

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Of course, everything can be the weather, but what is the most meaningful for you? Where did you not bargain for any price? The finger is not compulsory but nice and symbolic. In the best case, the wedding ceremony will cost 0 euros. So really weddings are not expensive. Any change in name will entail the necessary small costs, but otherwise I would argue that getting married is reasonably cheap. 

That's how impressively you want to celebrate is then a different thing. And celebrations are always worth. Celebrations are wonderful to look back at the old Kiikkusarmchair, huh?! To visit the most important is the atmosphere and mood make the last people themselves. Good atmosphere can be helped with music, small program numbers and good food. The most economical betting mood is a smile. It sticks!

Food is often the thing that the wedding leaves best to mind. So let's serve. A good presentation, in this case the trimmings and decorations, will get the food to look, and maybe even taste even better, but seldom remain in mind so allocate resources to where they have the most value.

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The photographer is not insignificant in terms of investment, but something worth investing in (I say this now sincerely even if I am not a photographer:)) what is left of the wedding day? Spouse! Yes, this is definitely the most important thing you can from the wedding day to get and wager the biggest in the future too. Ring? Yes, if you want one to keep. Pictures!? If you want to return to the wonderful memories of the wedding day, it will naturally succeed in the form of images! So let's bet on a good photographer. A good photographer makes Puuvajanki look lovely and atmospheric.

Bet definitely on things that make you feel great. Start your wedding celebration preparation well in advance to avoid the last Tipan panic solution. Good preparation is, among other things, caring for yourself and your partner, by investing in a common time and common ghosts. Also, listen to the exact ear of your partner's dreams, even if they deviance from your own. Wearing a certain suit for the bride can be important and the accessories will make a beautiful feel, bet on them absolutely. The groom may have secretly dreams of a certain type of wedding car or a wedding band. Make sure your budget has room for both wounds!

So, whether the wedding is big or small, it is important that they are just your looking and enjoy them. It is also important to enjoy wedding planning. The budget is one tool for wedding planning on the way. Therefore, do not lathe for external pressures, but listen to yourself and your partner. There is no need to follow any renewal crafting. 

Let ́s Go! Wonderful wedding Planning < 3



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