The Ninka Nordic Spring Collection is full of light, delicate and romantic jewelry. They give rise to joy, hope and love. They are a tribute to nature's awakening and beauty. This collection consists principally of Finnish hand-made hair follicles. Jewelry is made of Lohja, the best available materials. The collection also includes some earrings and bracelets imported by Ninka which complement the selection beautifully.

10 tuotetta Löytyi Nordic Spring Collection,

Karenina. Lovely haircut.
  • €96.90
Nella - Nordic Spring - Unique jewelery with stunning pearls
  • €129.90
Nelly-Hair necklace with amazing beads and crystals
  • €198.00
Badminton nude/gold
  • €32.90
Nordic Spring - hiuskoru Taika
  • €129.00
Moona - Korukampa helmestä ja kristallista
  • €48.95
Unisieppari-Feather Earrings
  • €34.00
Nuur - Pearl and crystal studs
  • Hinta alkaen €32.00
Pet sensitive hairline from blue flowers
  • €72.95
Nina-Hair ornament rose gold and crystals
  • €139.95