Best Christmas gift tips from Ninka

Christmas! Wonderful Wonderful Christmas! Sometimes Christmas gifts cause headaches, sometimes they again are really easy to order directly from the packaged online store. Like here from us Ninka. And yes, Christmas gifts have a right of exchange, so buying is also a super safe addition to easy. Here are a few guaranteed Christmas gift tips for her! 

1. Gift Card for Photography! Always works and the amount and time you can choose yourself! The gift recipient gets a stunning description of the experience and great pictures in memory. Gift cards can be obtained from our customer service

Photo Gift voucher


2. Pearl earrings. These are unworthy and always valuable! Did you know that we use only the best beads in our jewellery!


Pearl earrings and pearl necklace have more models, and more we do order.

3. Zirconia earrings are just as lovely and fit for him who longs for a discreet Glitchman! These earrings really stand out to the advantage of the market from several models! Shades of gold, silver and rose gold. There are more different models!

4. Or how would a unique jewel be custom made!? If you do not know exactly what the gift card is hoping for then a voucher for a unique item is always a good option. Gift cards are available from our customer service juhla@ninka.fiFor the amount that is just desired. 

5th Festive Bag! These bags are so great that I plan to keep the birthday party that I get to use this! Hair jewellery and pearl jewellery I'm going to wear everyday but the festive bag is a party with a minimum of party! :)