Buy Work in Finland - Day 1.12

Today 1.12 is Buy a job in Finland for a daywhich is a really good theme! We can decide for ourselves whether our money goes to China, for example, or do we use it in foreign discount stores, or do we prefer domestic? We can influence the way we live in this country through our choices. Of course, being domestic is more expensive because our VAT structure is not very conducive to domestic consumption. But when we remember that VAT is a tax for our common good, it is not in vain! Domestic handicraft and design is something we should be proud of and remember that its value comes from many things and it really matters.

Well without further ado ...! Here's the rest of the lovely domestic TuuliKaislan design suits for September photo shoot. Jewelry Ninka, hair decorations Ninka and Radius Norway(white flower decoration), Makeup and Hair by Nea Viitamaa and Radius Norway, models Inez and Iris, photos Ninka Photography. Isn't that wonderful? Now there are many pictures because I can't choose just a few :)

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