Talvihäät - Vintagea, rustiikkia ja ihania sävyjä

Winter Weddings - Vintage, rustic and lovely shades

The bright light of early winter already gives an indication of the forthcoming greenery and the extension of the day. The shades of green and peach bring warmth and a natural touch to the room. A lovely wedding is made up of many little thoughtful details. The minimalist style combines vintage style with a touch of rustic and green details. Ecological values ​​are repeated in the eco-packaging of guest gifts and in linen, reusable cloths. The materials breathe and give the room an airy decor. The most impressive setting is not due to the large amount of materials, but to their good placement and elegant combination. Something old, something new and something borrowed also works for wedding decoration and table setting.

Photographer Maria Peltomaaphotographer Maria Peltomaa festive installation on a beautiful day photographer Maria Peltomaa Beautiful Dayphotographer Maria Peltomaa Beautiful Dayphotographer maria peltomaa Beautiful DayPhotographer Maria Peltomaa Design Beautiful Day

The photos in this article are from the Photographer Maria Fieldn handwriting, flowers Penttal Floral Design, Paper products Design by Marianne, Costumes Trilogy, Model Johanna Tujula, Jewelry and Hair Decoration Ninka, Hairstyle and Makeup Ninka. Location Eerikin Kartano in Veikkola

The bridal style is created from, for example, recycled hairpieces and wedding dresses, which they will invent many more after the wedding. Namely, it consists of many parts that can be used alone and together depending on the situation. The makeup and hairstyles are vintage-style but wonderfully natural.

What do you like about this wedding style? :)

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